Ceratozamia vovidesii

Ceratozamia vovidesii is named in honor of Andrew Vovides, cycad botanist working in Veracruz, Mexico.  Ceratozamia vovidesii is native to Chiapas, Mexico with plants occurring on Atlantic slopes around 5000 feet.  Several populations are known generally as lower and higher elevation populations.  Plants seem best in sunny exposures with upright leaves to nearly 2 meters.  A general description is that plants are a giant mirandae.  Before the name vovidesii was applied plants were referred to as Ceratozamia gomez-pompei.  A distinguishing feature of Ceratozamia vovidesii is the female cones are pendant when mature.

link to botanical description of Ceratozamia vovidesiivovidesii_files/Ceratozamia-vovidesii%20description.pdf