Ceratozami tenuis

Mexicana is probably the best known specific epithet for Ceratozamia and ironically one of the rarest species of Ceratozaima in culitvation.  What is often called Ceratozamia mexicana usually turns out to be the El Mirador plant or a finer leaved Ceratozamia robusta.  Before now what botanists considered the true Ceratozamia mexcana was the fine leaved, green emergent plant.  With the 2016 publication that clarifies the taxonomy of Ceratozamia mexicana this narrow leaved plant is now described as a new species Ceratozamia tenuis.  Distinctively large leaves with long, narrow leaflets make Ceratozamia tenuis a beautiful plant.  Locally abundant and growing on hilltops under closed canopy these plants are the dominant understory plant.