Ceratozamia sabatoi

Ceratozamia sabatoi botanical description click heresabatoi_files/Ceratozamia_mixeorum_description.pdfsabatoi_files/Ceratozamia_sabatoi_description.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0

Ceratozamia sabatoi is from two populations in Hidalgo and Queretero, Mexico.  The queretero populaiton is sympatric with Dioon edule var. queretero.  The dioon is very easy to see but finding the Ceratozamia sabatoi plants if incredibly difficult, especially in the wet season when grasses and vegetation are green.  Older plants of Ceratozamia sabatoi have small subterranean stems that are heavily branches forming clumps with rounded crowns of bushy, dark green leaves.  The leaflets are slender giving this Ceratozamia the look of a Zamia.

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