Ceratozamia norstogii

Ceratozamia norstogii botanical description click herenorstogii_files/Ceratozamia_mixeorum_description.pdfnorstogii_files/Ceratozamia_norstogii_description.pdfshapeimage_2_link_0

Ceratozamia norstogii is from forested slopes in Chiapas, Mexico.  Plants are distinctive with twisting to the leaves and prominent prickles on the petioles.  The closest plant in looks is Ceratozamia zaragozae which is smaller and doesn’t have prickles on the petioles.  Ceratozamia norstogii was imported to the US in the 1980’s in significant numbers and some of those original plants are still in gardens and collections.  Few people grow this plant and fewer propagate it so although it is commonly known it is seldom seen in gardens and very rarely available for purchase.  The name norstogii honors Kurt Norstog that worked at Fairchild Tropical Garden and did pioneer work to discover insect pollinators for cycads.

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