Ceratozamia chimalapensis

The Chimilapas are the last well developed rainforest in Mexico.  Few roads and large expanses of mountain ranges with multiple river drainages to both sides of the continental divide make this a botanically rich area that has not been well documented.  MacDougall is probably the best know botanist to collect in the Chimalapas.  This pristine area is only accessible from a few areas such as Oaxaca’s Matias Ramero area in the east to Veracruz in the north and Chiapas and the Grijalva river drainage to the west.  Ceratozamia chimilapensis is a fine leaved Ceratozamia not much different than a giant mirandae or vovidesii.  Plants occur on very steep slopes at low elevation in sandstone derived soils under closed canopy of oak forest.  In addition, Zamia spartea is widespread in within the population of Ceratozamia chimalapensis.