Ceratozamia chamberlainii

Ceratozamia chamberlainii could be a new name for a well known plant.  The name honors Charles J. Chamberlain who studied cycads of Mexico at the University of Chicago.  Chamberlain described Zamia monticola and claimed to have made a cycad intergeneric hybrid.  Ceratozamia chamberlainii describes the look and location of a plant that has always been known as Ceratozamia latifolia.  Dennis Stevenson neotypified Ceratozamia latifolia and gave the same location as Ceratozamia microstrobili.  Stevenson possibly knew of microstrobili and mentioned that in time plants of Ceratozamia microstrobili assume the look of latifolia.  The description and location of Ceratozamia microstrobili seem accurate for a new species however latifolia is an older name and assumes precedece over microstrobili.  The vacancy left by sinking the name microstrobili and giving the name latifolia to a new species left what was alway thought to be latifolia without a name.  Now we will call those plants in San Luis Potosi southwest of Queretero and north of Hidalgo at an elevation of 800-1200 meters Ceratozamia chamberlainii. 

link to botanical description for Ceratozamia chamberlainiichamberlainii_files/Certozamia_chamberlainii_description.pdf