Coccothrinax torrida

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Coccothrinax torrida is a very attractive and unique species of Coccothrinax.  The palms are native to southeast Cuba and the populations are coastal on a limestone outcrop within a few hundred meters of the sea.  They are separated from the sea by a layer of dune scrub foliage.  In the distance the Maya mountain foothills rise and Coccothrinax guantanamensis can be seen with binoculars, yet the palms seem to never or very rarely hybridize.  Coccothrinax torrida is distict to have very skinny trunks, long inflorescences, and to grow directly on limestone.  The dogtooth limestone is incredibly sharp.  The habitat is dry and cacti are abundant as well as several thorny shrubs.  Seeds are among the smallest of the Coccothrinax.